ActivityPub integration?

It would be great if, once a URL is converted by a client reading a post on Scribe, a Fediverse entry is created. In this way, I could follow the author from the Fedierse.

It is something like what happens with Invidious for RSS feeds.

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~edwardloveall REPORTED WONT_FIX 9 months ago

Hello! Thanks for the suggestion and your interest in Scribe. The goals of this project are that it's not a platform. By that, I mean that there's no way to follow an author's posts in any way, including posting a feed to the Fediverse. My feeling is that this encourages people to continue to post on Medium, which is an anti-goal for Scribe.

I do appreciate your suggestion, it's not a bad one 😃 It is nice to follow an author and I follow many blogs via RSS, but I won't be implementing that.

~tommi 9 months ago

I understand your point. Thank you very much anyways!

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