Potentially proxy author profiles

I'm not sure whether this would be out-of-scope but it might be a good idea to proxy author pages or at least say that profiles aren't implemented.

When viewing an article such as A Bug in Early Creative Commons Licenses…, a reader might be interested in looking at the author's profile to see more of their content. All they have to do is scroll up and click the helpful author's link up at the top. However, those using extensions redirecting Medium to Scribe will be greeted with an error 500 page, which isn't a fantastic user experience.

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~edwardloveall 3 months ago

Hi amolith. Yeah, that's not a great user experience. While displaying user pages doesn't like up with Scribe's goals, I do like your idea of informing the user that it's not supported, and why. I'll put it on my list.

~edwardloveall REPORTED FIXED 2 months ago

I shipped a new version today that explains how Scribe only supports article pages. You can check it out by trying to visit the page for a user, a tag, or search results.

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