Unexpected "404 This article is missing" for actually existing article

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2 months ago
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~edwardloveall 2 months ago

Thanks for the report. I'm able to see the article on Scribe. Are you still seeing a 404?

~kaki87 2 months ago

No, and I can't figure out why...

~edwardloveall REPORTED INVALID 2 months ago

No worries. Might have been a Medium API glitch, or a sever glitch on my end that resolved it self. If it happens again, feel free to report it.

~kaki87 2 months ago

Alright !

~kaki87 2 months ago

Well, turns out, it's the /m/global-identity-2 route that doesn't work.

~kaki87 a month ago


Any news on this ?


~edwardloveall a month ago

I'm not sure what to tell you. When visiting the scribe URL directly the article works. When visiting the medium URL using LibRedirect it also redirects properly. I remember some weirdness with global-identity early on in scribe's life but I could never reproduce it. At the moment, I'm not interesting in diving into medium's implementation any more.

I'm sorry this is still effecting you, but I really don't want to spend any effort on it.

~kaki87 a month ago

I'm still using Redirector because LibRedirect is overkill for this, with all those checkboxes that you have to uncheck so that it would only do a sinle thing...

However, I'm noticing that /m/global-identity works, i.e. without the -2. Could you just make your server do the same thing on /m/global-identity-2 as it does on /m/global-identity ?

~edwardloveall a month ago

Could you just make your server do the same thing on /m/global-identity-2

Not at the moment. The server actually had no special handling for global-identity. I have a test for it and you're right that it does break with global-identity-2, but I would need to rework the parsing logic to fix this which is not something I feel motivated to do right now. I understand that LibRedirect offers more than you want, but cases like this are exactly why I made it my official recommendation. It handles common domains like uxdesign.com

I may fix this in the future, but I have no timeline for that fix.

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