Support for file-input and date-input

Currently we have:

  • Text Input (which is equilavent of <input type="text">).
  • Radio Input (which is equilavent of <input type="radio">).
  • Checkbox Input (which is equilavent of <input type="checkbox">).
  • Submit Button (which is equivalent of <input type="submit">).

It seems that there's some work for Password Input. Since I'm using it recently, I'm not sure if there are other types of inputs already available.

I think it's currently missing two significant inputs types:

  • File-Input (equivalent of <input type="file">). For compatibility reason across all platforms (like Android, Windows and WASM). It should open a file-selector and provide the location of the data and the io.Reader of that file. I think WASM can't get the directory-path, that is why provide a reader, directly, is better.

  • Date-Input (equivalent of <input type=date">). It's mainly for mobile (iOS/Andoid), since it may pop-up a keyboard-like just with dates. For other platforms, it may ignore and invalid input (such as letters).

I never used sr.ht before, so I'm completely lost here. Sorry if it's an wrong place it send an suggestion. :|

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