Samsung Default Keyboard cannot type in Android Gio Editor Widget

~jwhett and I discovered that he can't type in Gio applications (specifically the text editor) running on his Galaxy S20 by default. He is able to type punctuation and numbers (3-9 and 0, but not 1 and 2), but no letters.

We tracked this problem through the gio codebase by adding log statements and rebuilding, and we still didn't get any key event for letters (we were testing with a) even here:


I guess the inference is that whatever is going wrong is even deeper in the Android integration than that java file, though I know very little about how it works beyond that point.

We were able to switch from the Samsung default keyboard to the Google keyboard, and it works with the Google one. However, the power of defaults means that I suspect many Galaxy-owning users will encounter this problem.

I'm attaching some of logcat output mostly as an example of the characters that did work. You can see that here. We tested both with the gophers example and another app, though only the other app's logs are included here.

I'd be happy to try to dig further, but I'd appreciate any thoughts on how to do so.


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~eliasnaur 4 months ago

Gio is using a legacy interface to the Android IME, which is not supported by all keyboard. I'm going to work on it soon for the Tailscale Android client. See also #9, which I'm going to close in favour of this one.

~eliasnaur closed duplicate ticket #9 4 months ago

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