Android 7 Android APK Very Laggy and Glitchy

I tried to build the Kitchen Example, and it worked well on desktop. But when built for android, I got a lot of strange graphical problems. Here is a video demonstrating what I saw:


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~eliasnaur 27 days ago

What phone model are you using?

~petabyte 27 days ago

LG VS501.

~eliasnaur 23 days ago

I don't have a device that reproduces the bug, but there's a change the recent fix for Samsung S9,


may affect this issue. Can you try again from at least revision


? You can either git pull if you checked out Gio, or use go get gioui.org/example@1eedd19231a if you ran kitchen from another main module.

~petabyte 20 days ago

I tried building the latest, but it didn't solve it. The gophers example seems to work well, other than being very slow (5fps maybe).

~eliasnaur 15 days ago

Can it be upgraded to Android 9? I bought a similar LG K20 LMX120 that unfortunately doesn't exhibit the graphic glitches (but is still laggy). It runs Android 9.

~petabyte 15 days ago

No, nor can it be rooted. Although I don't think upgrading software should be required to run an app.

I'm probably not going to be using this software, as it does not fit my needs, but thank you all for working on it anyway.

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