~eliasnaur/gio#20: consider another binary name

gio is taken by glib2 on Arch Linux, for example. So it's extremely unlikely that it could ever be packaged on that distro, or probably any other major Linux distros.

I understand that it's mainly a development tool, so it's fine if Go developers simply 'go get' it. However, in the long term I assume we want the tool to become more mainstream. Imagine if desktop apps are packaged in Linux distros, and then gio itself needs to be packaged.

I got the idea from https://github.com/golang/go/issues/33468, which says:

Avoids binary name clashes. It just so happens that gio already exists on my system (I believe it is a Gnome tool).

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~eliasnaur 12 days ago

The name clash is indeed unfortunate, in particular because the glib2 tool appears to be installed by default on Linux distributions.

On the other hand gio is short and is memorable, the same way the go tool is for Go. It is also generic, which is important if/when gio grows the ability to run programs and tests on the difficult platforms (mobile, browser).

~mvdan 12 days ago

I think 'go' was a bit different, because it was a bit of a power play. I'm not sure if you can pull off the same, when glib2 is in the way :)

Are there any alternative or related names you can think of?

Another option would be for 'gio' to be the recommended name/alias, and distros/systems could package it as 'gioui' by default only.