Intel GPU Hang on compute renderer

I tried updating my toy webcam program trideo to the latest gio because I've been running it successfully with the compute renderer for a while now, and I wanted to see the effect of recent changes.

It now hangs my GPU. This was on a Fedora 33 GNOME Desktop running Wayland, but trideo itself was running as an XWayland application.

This is the commit that broke it.

I was able to capture the GPU hang info in case it's useful. You can find that here.

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18 days ago
18 days ago
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~whereswaldon 18 days ago

I was able to replicate this on different intel hardware. This GPU hang comes from an Arch Linux system running GNOME Wayland (trideo is still running under XWayland here).

~eliasnaur 18 days ago

The linked commit doesn't seem relevant. Did you mean to link to a Gio commit?

~whereswaldon 18 days ago

No, I was trying to show the version change from working to not in my go.mod. I haven't bisected this (I have to reboot each time this happens).

~eliasnaur 18 days ago

The commit doesn't change go.mod.

~whereswaldon 18 days ago

Whoops! https://git.sr.ht/~whereswaldon/trideo/commit/a885028bd64274f725e14ee1adc1d0fb6ba12097 is what I meant, sorry. Accidentally copied the parent commit

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