The editor does not support non English character input.

The editor does not support non English character input. For example, word candidate windows such as Chinese will appear. MacOS and Linux platforms cannot appear. The position of word candidate windows on Windows platform does not follow the input cursor. Can someone solve it as soon as possible

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~whereswaldon a month ago

Which OS is this on? Is it Android, or a desktop system like Windows, macOS, or Linux? I saw your posts in sprig, but I don't know what platform you're on. I expect this not to work on Android right now, but I'm less sure about our IME support on other platforms.

~hongshengjie a month ago*

The problem is happened on macOS,MacMini device,When i switch Input method from english to chinese, it just can type english letters or symbols on keyboard. I test it on my Windows laptop right now, it can work well.

~hongshengjie REPORTED FIXED a month ago

~hongshengjie FIXED REPORTED a month ago

~hongshengjie a month ago

I test the problem on my Fedora 34 Linux OS . it can not work well like the macOS . I use ibus-libpinyin (https://github.com/libpinyin/ibus-libpinyin) Input software on linux. on macOS and Windows I use Chinese input method provided by the system.

~hongshengjie REPORTED FIXED a month ago

~hongshengjie FIXED REPORTED a month ago

~hongshengjie 5 days ago

Can someone solve it as soon as possible,because text input is very import for my application.

~whereswaldon 4 days ago

Hi ~hongshengjie. I'm glad that you're building an application with Gio, and I understand that your application needs richer IME support on Linux and macOS. We'd definitely like for this to work well, but there are many other features that we are also trying to complete that are competing for time and attention with this.

If you'd like to ensure that this issue is addressed as soon as possible, you have these options:

  • learn how to add support yourself, and contribute it as patches. If you're willing to try, we'll review your work and help support your effort as best we can.
  • pay someone else to work this. There are several ways you can do this:
    • post a bounty. Offer a fixed quantity of money for the completion of this feature. You can also search for other Gio community members who might want this improved and create a pool of money for a larger bounty. BountySource is a platform that facilitates stuff like this.
    • sponsor or hire someone to work on this. Many people in our community might be able to take this on if they were paid for the time. Again, you may be able to find other people who want this feature to help pay for the labor.

Alternatively, we will try to address this when we can. I recognize the importance of text input, but it's competing against things like ensuring good performance across all desktop platforms and our ability to shape and lay out complex scripts and right-to-left text. Those problems are also important. I know it's frustrating to open a bug and not see much activity on it, but I assure you that we are working through problems as fast as our current person-power allows.

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