Architecture documentation could use a update

The architecture doc seems to be somewhat outdated. Here a list of issues I've noticed:

  • The section about clipping talks about clip.Rect as a rounded rect, this should be clip.RRect
  • The interactive split-view code have an unused field drag which is confusing (it's read by never written)
  • Context.Dimensions is mentioned multiple times, but the field was removed 14 months ago

This is just from a quick read-through by a new user, so there's probably more that I haven't noticed :)

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~whereswaldon a month ago

Thanks for pointing this out! I'll try to go through and update those soon. Maybe see if we can managed the code in the architecture document as runnable examples so that we get CI failures when they break.

~ptx a month ago

Having CI validation is a good idea, but currently, all the examples already work, so it wouldn't have caught any of the issues mentioned here

~whereswaldon REPORTED FIXED a month ago

I've updated the architecture document to remove obsolete API references and to clarify some of the existing ones. Thanks again for pointing this out!

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