Scrolling a mouse wheel doesn't change position in widget.List when axis is horizontal

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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~eliasnaur 7 months ago

Can you expand your report? From the Slack archive it seems to me you're suggesting a horizontal widget.List should scroll when the user scrolls vertically? If this is the behaviour on Windows, I don't see why not. It should be a simple change to io/router/pointer.go or thereabout. Interested?

~dikey0ficial 7 months ago

Sorry for so brief report/suggestion for improvement :) I wanted to say that widget.List's with Axis: layout.Horizontal don't change position on mouse wheel scrolling. Expected behavior is changing list position when wheel is being scrolled (or being scrolled with shift button pressed) But this doesn't happen :)

~eliasnaur 7 months ago

Thanks. Perhaps you can be persuaded to take a look at implementing this? I mentioned Io/router/pointer.go but perhaps a better place would be gesture.Drag or in layout.List itself.

~eliasnaur 7 months ago

Om second thought, this really belongs in io/router, because there is no way to optionally listen for a scroll direction.

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