blurred text for small sizes

I am evaluating Gio and have the effect that under Windows 10 the small text is blurred. This is true for both the Windows.exe and the WASM web browser implementation. I don't have a high resolution screen and the native and set resolution is 1920x1080 100% scaling. On Linux and Mac everything is sharp. Can someone help me overcome this problem.

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3 months ago
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~whereswaldon 3 months ago*

I've written this simple program as a diagnostic helper. It should produce an image in the directory where you run it containing Gio's font rendering output at various sizes on the current platform. Here is my output on Linux. Using this tool, do you observe significant differences in font clarity between platforms?

~whereswaldon 3 months ago

Here are my results on Windows. I see no significant difference in text quality. I'm not saying that the quality couldn't be better, mind you, but I think they are coming out the same.

~eliasnaur 2 months ago

Perhaps this is a duplicate of #70?

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