not enough arguments in call to s.fontMap.AddFace

gio doesn't compile with latest dependency github.com/go-text/typesetting v0.1.0. Stacktrace: gioui.org/text ..\pkg\mod\gioui.org@v0.5.0\text\gotext.go:279:35: not enough arguments in call to s.fontMap.AddFace have ("github.com/go-text/typesetting/opentype/api/font".Face, metadata.Description) want ("github.com/go-text/typesetting/opentype/api/font".Face, api.FontID, metadata.Description)

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~egonelbre a month ago

Generally, use the same version of github.com/go-test/typesetting as specified in gio/go.mod (unless you have a good reason not to).

You most likely ended up in this situation when updating with go get -u gioui.org@latest. In general avoid -u when updating, because it also bumps unstable packages to the latest major version, which has a different meaning from a stable version. In unstable versioning it is often used to indicate a breaking change. See more details in https://github.com/golang/go/issues/64864.

~whereswaldon REPORTED INVALID a month ago

We depend upon a specific version of typesetting, and using a different version may not work. You should be able to go get the version in our go.mod to fix your build.

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