Private message channels disappear after closing gamja

I'm using gamja in combination with soju (network: rizon), and only regular channels stay after closing it - private message channels aren't present after re-opening gamja.

When receiving a private message while gamja is open, the channel reappears, with history working as expected.

This is the final piece missing to make gamja usable for me (along with the duplicate messages bug).

When opening gamja, I get FAIL CHATHISTORY UNKNOWN_COMMAND TARGETS Unknown command - I assume this doesn't work yet because soju hasn't implemented TARGETS yet?

Thank you.

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6 months ago
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~emersion 6 months ago

I assume this doesn't work yet because soju hasn't implemented TARGETS yet?

This is what the server needs to implement for gamja to be able to retrieve history for PMs sent while it's closed. soju implements it, but not in 0.1.x, only in master.

~prez 6 months ago

Just tried master. The error message does not appear anymore, but the behaviour is the same - private message channels disappear after closing.

~emersion 6 months ago

That's expected. They should only re-appear if the other user sent new messages.

Do you mean that gamja should save the list of correspondants to local storage, and restore them when reloaded?

Related: https://todo.sr.ht/~emersion/gamja/47

~prez 6 months ago

It's a bit hard to tell for me what exactly the bug report is from that chat excerpt... So apologies if this is a duplicate.

But yes, I mean the list of channels you had open last time should persist. I can imagine this is a very, very important feature to have for a large class of users.

Thanks again in advance for considering to implement this.

~emersion 6 months ago

#47 is about persisting channels (even if they aren't configured originally as auto-join). It seems like this issue is about persisting query buffers with other users.

This sounds reasonable.

~emersion REPORTED FIXED 5 months ago

Done in 016ca27f2ded ("Restore opened user query buffers").

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