Very long waiting times upon application launching and re-focusing

I appreciate using Goguma, however when I launch it always takes about 20 s to start, and after leaving it in the background for a while and switching back to it, the UI remains unresponsive for about the same time. I don’t think this is merely a network issue as connecting on the same server from my PC does not take merely as long.

I use GrapheneOS based on Android 14.

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~emersion 5 months ago

~otini 5 months ago

https://drop.sequanux.org/r/4seGN3TAtH#aT7ZouYs/wvfsmNHxG/u32n/8feWu4J//agFvsRGUWs= This log corresponds to launching Goguma, waiting about 20 s for the list of channels to show up, and closing it.

~emersion 5 months ago

11-05 00:07:12.932   623   983 I flutter : Warning: failed to initialize Firebase: [firebase_messaging/unknown] java.io.IOException: TIMEOUT

~otini 5 months ago

I don’t have the Google Play services installed. Is that the reason for this?

~emersion 5 months ago

I also don't have Google Play services installed, I am using GrapheneOS as well, and don't have this issue.

Do you have microG installed by any chance?

~otini 5 months ago

I don't, nor any other flavor of google services.

Is this operation something that could be performed asynchronously?

~emersion 5 months ago

Not really no. Regardless it would only hide the bug.

~otini 2 months ago

All applications except Goguma work perfectly, so if it's an issue on my end I don't know what it is.

~eschwartz 2 months ago

I'm using a phone with Play services installed and have the same issue FWIW.

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