`grim -c` causes cursor to shrink

It looks like Sway is improperly rendering my cursor on a blank workspace, with scale=2 on the output. In an attempt to report it, I was attempting to take a screenshot with grim, but found that the cursor is not captured by default. When I do choose to capture the cursor, the behavior is different, and the cursor is shrunk before the screenshot. When the cursor is moved, it snaps back to regular size.

This video demonstrates what I mean: https://photos.app.goo.gl/B5aNvxnMSrZxLWZs7 (Sorry, the stabilization algorithm does some funny things with the terminal output.

I have a feeling this is maybe a result of how cursors work, but wanted to file this to check. Thanks.

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Hum, on Wayland cursors are loaded by clients, so it's possible clients use a cursor with a different size than sway (or/and other clients).

This video demonstrates what I mean

Sorry, I can't open this ("The album is empty")

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