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I got here from: https://srht.site/quickstart When using the makefile to try and build hut I got a not so informative error: go build pages.go:9:2: package io/fs is not in GOROOT (/usr/lib/go-1.15/src/io/fs) make: *** [Makefile:19: hut] Error 1

after some searching I figured out that the go version I have was too old. Getting a newer one made the build work.

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9 months ago
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~xenrox 9 months ago

By default you can find the minimum required version of go in the go.mod file.

~hka 9 months ago

Ah I see, annoying that go doesn't give any message that a version before the minimum version is used. But that that has more to do with go than with this project I guess. Feel free to close.

~xenrox REPORTED CLOSED 9 months ago

I think in the future the error message will be more precise and go will download a newer toolchain automatically if your local one is too old.

Not sure what to think about this though.

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