Profile names

  1. Add an optional name in front of configuration blocks: <name> { … }
  2. Add an IPC and kanshictl switch <name>
  3. Be able to specify multiple configurations for the same profile. The configuration matching the current output configuration is chosen.
github.com:emersion (unverified)
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3 years ago
2 months ago

github.com:emersion (unverified) 2 years ago · edit

(1) has been implemented in https://github.com/emersion/kanshi/pull/44

~patzm 2 months ago

hi guys, as far as I understand what https://github.com/emersion/kanshi/pull/44 did, then there is currently no way to switch between profiles that would match the current setup. This has also been talked about in

In https://github.com/emersion/kanshi/issues/10, you considered exposing that functionality through something like kanshictl switch <name>. Was is the status on that?

~emersion 2 months ago

The latest work on this was in https://github.com/emersion/kanshi/pull/108.

~patzm 2 months ago

Ah cool. Nice. Then I will watch the progress there. This feature would be great to have!

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