Doesn't restore laptop display when switching TTYs+undocking

I have two accounts on my machine (both using sway) and I switch between them using control+alt+f{1,2}. Kanshi remembers the state of the TTY when I switch but doesn't detect any changes when I switch back. My kanshi config is:

    output "Unknown 0x109D 0x00000000" enable  # Laptop

    output "Unknown 0x109D 0x00000000" disable  # Laptop
    output "ViewSonic Corporation VP2768 Series UY5182100007" enable  # external monitor

To illustrate the issue, here's a scenario:

  • Work in TTY1 undocked
  • dock laptop (external monitor)
  • Switch to TTY2 and work
  • Undock laptop while in TTY2
  • Switch to TTY1 and notice a dead screen

At this point, Kanshi hasn't returned the display back to the laptop. TTY1 is also unresponsive, i.e. I'm unable to blindly type commands to save the situation - something's blocking (perhaps not a Kanshi bug, then?).

The situation then gets more awkward because, while I can rescue the session by docking the laptop and undocking again, Kanshi somehow does detect the dock on TTY2 and then activates the external monitor/disables the laptop display in the background.

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github.com:ainola (unverified) 3 months ago · edit

This seems to have not been an issue for me for some weeks now - I'm guessing this was a kernel issue after all? Can anyone confirm?

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