Any particular reason why the sway-output syntax is different?

I almost filed a bug against sway because commands like swaymsg 'output WL-1 scale 1 position 0,0' would give me surprising errors, where the same lines worked fine on kanshi.

It turns out the syntax there is position X Y, not position X,Y. Any particular reason for the difference? I know I could have read the manual, but not initially knowing that the syntax was this different, I was really confused for a good twenty minutes.

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github.com:emersion (unverified) 1 year, 9 months ago · edit

tl;dr histerical raisins

The position 0,0 syntax used to be supported by Sway, however i3 compat required Sway to split commands on commas. So now the position value needs to be quoted like so: position "0,0".

For this reason, Sway's man page now documents the position 0 0 syntax instead (to avoid head scratching). But kanshi still hasn't been updated to support it.

  1. We should support the Sway syntax
  2. We probably should switch the man page to the Sway syntax as well

github.com:mvdan (unverified) 1 year, 9 months ago · edit

Sounds good to me, thanks for the reply.

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