Kanshi stops working after cycling profiles

I have an issue where Kanshi runs my configs perfectly once but if i plug the HDMI back in it stops in it's tracks and never works again until I kill Kanshi and restart it. To explain if I start Kanshi with just my laptop screen eDP-1 connected and HDMI-A-1 then the Dock profile is applied then if I disconnect the HDMI the Laptop profile is applied. But if I plug the HDMI back in it tries to apply the Dock profile but fails and Kanshi ceases to work. My config is and yes i have corrected the Laptop position to 0,0 now but it still does not work. https://paste.sr.ht/~justinesmithies/2e98dde3446ff2ade9aa826b0cb87df6b97a0b12

and the error i get : https://paste.sr.ht/~justinesmithies/09131c49ab5a29ac4948337af900a5a2ffdf9e6b

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