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I wanted kanshi to disable internal display once external connects.

Steps to reproduce:

  • connect external monitor and start kanshi with debug (all looks good and works)
  • disconnect the monitor (again all ok)
  • connect the monitor back and observe the following: both output are active, sometimes the cursor is duplicate on both outputs, all workspaces move to the external monitor

Expected behavior:

  • every time external monitor is connected internal should disable without restarting kanshi

Debug log with comments and config

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2 years ago
1 year, 10 months ago
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~justinesmithies 2 years ago

I too experience exactly the same issues with my laptop and an external display. Running sway git and wlroots git along with kanshi.

~jman 1 year, 10 months ago*

~justinesmithies how did you produce that debug log? I encounter the same error and would like to compare my debug log. Thanks.

In my case the error happens like this:

  • I have the second monitor connected to the USB-C (through a multiport hub)
  • The laptop and monito go to sleep after a while.
  • When I wake the laptop the monitor does /not/ wake up
  • kanshi loops with that error message

If I connect the same monitor directly to the HDMI port of the laptop, everything works as expected

I can't extract any other significant debug from journalctl or dmesg.

Workaround: reload sway config

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