Config does not correspond to sway-output as claimed

Extract from description:

Each output profile is delimited by brackets. It contains several output directives (whose syntax is similar to sway-output(5)). A profile will be enabled if all of the listed outputs are connected.

sway-output config syntax:

output <name> position|pos <X> <Y>

kanshi syntax:

output <name> position 0,0

There is no comma in position coordinates in sway-output configuration.

Expected behavior: there shouldn't be a comma in position specification

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8 months ago
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~emersion 8 months ago

Similar doesn't mean identical though.

~maksym 8 months ago

Sorry, it was little bit confusing. Every other directive is identical to sway-output except this one. Of course, I tried to set position as 0 0 then read manual. Anyway, thank for your great work for supporting wayland.

~emersion 7 months ago*

There are a few other differences as well. For instance commands cannot be chained on the same line (mode 1920x1080 adaptive_sync on), some bool values aren't supported (on/enabled/true/…), and so on.

~devgioele a month ago

I am trying to use kanshi with dwl. How about writing a man page for kanshi that is independent of sway-output? Having to install sway just to read the manual of kanshi is very inconvenient. If kanshi had its own man page, it could state without ambiguity what the actual syntax of the config file is.

~devgioele a month ago

I apologize. kanshi(5) does exactly what I was looking for.

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