Remove multi-upstream mode

With the soju.im/bouncer-networks extension, clients have a much better alternative to soju's multi-upstream mode.

The multi-upstream mode has several issues:

  • The biggest IMHO is its cost. It makes the whole bouncer logic complicated and convoluted, with lots of annoying edge cases.
  • User modes, ISUPPORT, capabilities, case-mapping, and other global per-connection state can't be properly relayed to clients.
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~emersion 10 months ago

Removed LIST support in multi-upstream mode to avoid the complexity cost.

We've discussed with other soju contributors, and decided it's not time yet to remove it completely because soju.im/bouncer-networks support in clients needs to be worked on.

Also see https://todo.sr.ht/~emersion/soju/122.

~emersion 8 days ago

Simon Ser referenced this ticket in commit 9f24f57.

~emersion 8 days ago

Simon Ser referenced this ticket in commit 143dd35.

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