channels attach order when connecting to the bouncer

There is something specific to my irc client : tiny-irc-client generates shortcuts as alt+letter relative to the first available letter in the channel name
alt+a leads to #archlinux for exemple
but in single stream mode, all channels are sent in a random order, so all my shortcuts change
in there a way to force the order ?
see -> https://github.com/osa1/tiny/issues/375
a clean solution, would be to store the adding order, and always send channels to this order

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11 months ago
8 months ago
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~sircmpwn 11 months ago

There is no expectation on soju's part to send the channels in any particular order. If ordering is important to your client, then your client is the one that has to set the order.

~eoli3n 11 months ago

Ok, I expected that, let's check what my client issue gives. Thanks for answering.

~emersion REPORTED INVALID 8 months ago

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