soju 0.5.0 casemapping changes breaks DMs with \ nicks in goguma

Not sure if this should go with goguma or soju, but soju's update introduced this bug.

In the past, soju has forced CASEMAPPING=ascii (see also #149), making nicks that should contain \ (backslash) appear with | (pipe).

In soju 0.5.0, there were some changes to casemapping that seem to confuse Goguma. Push notifications and direct message buffers are displayed with the casemapping they should have (rfc1459 mapping, showing a backslash), but in channel conversations, ascii mapping and pipes are shown. In direct message buffers, messages from someone with a backslash/pipe in their nick do not show up (I'm only able to read messages that appear as notifications).

The above behaviour only happens on Libera. On OFTC, Goguma creates a buffer with the correct casemapping (backslash), but incoming messages are shown in another buffer, with pipes.

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~emersion a month ago*

Is this still relevant with latest soju and goguma?

Edit: seems like it's not, please re-open if it is.

~emersion REPORTED CLOSED 27 days ago

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