Problems connecting over tor (feature request?: support SOCKS5)

I'm trying to run soju over tor via torsocks.

I can connect normally to libera.chat using SASL EXTERNAL.

As suggested by the libera.chat docs, I have tor mapping the libera .onion service to palladium.libera.chat. And soju is resolving to the correct virtual ipv4 address provided by tor. But after that, soju times out connecting:

Apr 30 21:51:11 irc-bouncer torsocks[2475]: 2024/04/30 21:51:11 user "foo": network "libera": waiting 3m53s before trying to reconnect to "ircs://palladium.libera.chat:6697"
Apr 30 21:55:04 irc-bouncer torsocks[2475]: 2024/04/30 21:55:04 user "foo": upstream "libera": connecting to TLS server at address "palladium.libera.chat:6697"
Apr 30 21:55:05 irc-bouncer torsocks[2475]: 2024/04/30 21:55:04 user "foo": upstream "libera": using TLS client certificate XXXXXXX
Apr 30 21:55:19 irc-bouncer torsocks[2475]: 2024/04/30 21:55:19 user "foo": network "libera": connection error to "ircs://palladium.libera.chat:6697": failed to connect: failed to dial "palladium.libera.chat:6697": dial tcp <nil>->X.X.X.X:6697: i/o >

I left off debugging there, so maybe (probably?) I'm missing something obvious.

For my current needs it would probably be sufficient to get torsocks working, but it seems like the ideal scenario would be for soju to support connecting via SOCKS5 directly. Here is a similar feature request for ZNC.

Thanks in advance!

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~mikezackles a month ago

For completeness, here's my torrc:

SocksPort 9050 NoPreferIPv6Automap
AutomapHostsOnResolve 1
MapAddress palladium.libera.chat libera75jm6of4wxpxt4aynol3xjmbtxgfyjpu34ss4d7r7q2v5zrpyd.onion

~emersion a month ago

I don't believe plumbing Tor/proxy support to each and every program that uses TCP is a good way forward. I would recommend setting up a system-wide transparent proxy instead (TransPort in Tor config), which makes Tor work similarly to VPNs.

~mikezackles a month ago

Ah perfect, thanks! I missed that setting. That makes sense to me, and works better for me anyway.

~palladium 25 days ago

I'd like SOCKS5 proxy support too. A system-wide transparent proxy is overkill for me, I just need it for Libera.

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