Design a protocol extension to push networks to clients

Allow the server to suggest networks to clients.

This would allow users to easily set up IRC without having to manually add each network on each client they use.

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3 years ago
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~taiite 3 years ago

This could be solved by using a fake user (e.g. named jounce, bouncer or settings, idk) like NickServ and ChanServ work.

For example,

PASS bouncerpassword
NICK emersion
USER emersion 0 * :Simon Ser
:irc.emersion.fr 001 Welcome to jounce, emersion
:bouncer!bouncer@irc.emersion.fr NOTICE emersion :Type "/msg bouncer QUICKSTART" to get started
PRIVMSG bouncer :CONNECT freenode
:bouncer!bouncer@irc.emersion.fr NOTICE emersion :Connecting to "irc.freenode.net/6697"...
:tolkien.freenode.net 375 :- irc.freenode.net Message of the day-
:bouncer!bouncer@irc.emersion.fr NOTICE emersion :Connected to freenode! Prefix for users is "fn_", prefix for channels is "#fn_".

~emersion 3 years ago

The virtual user is a planned feature, but this ticket is about an extension to improve UX.

~emersion REPORTED FIXED 3 years ago

Closing because I think https://todo.sr.ht/~emersion/soju/16 would make much more sense.

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