make+model+serial name not persistent

I've been trying to use persistent names to make my kanshi configuration work reliably, but I've come to notice getting the display names with wlr-randr on wayfire, they have the name appended with the current out put identifier like so:

eDP-1 "Unknown 0x222D 0x00000000 (eDP-1)"

imho sway does this correctly where swaymsg -t get_outputs returns

eDP-1 "Unknown 0x222D 0x00000000 "

if I wanted to archive the same effect that the sway names give me, kanshi would have to support some sort of wildcard or regex matching, which I would imagine has a significant impact on performance

versions of the software I used: wlr-randr: 0.2.0-2 kanshi: 1.2.0-3 wayfire: 0.8.0-1463b39f

Evelyn Alicke
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2 years ago
2 years ago
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~emersion 2 years ago

"Unknown 0x222D 0x00000000 (eDP-1)" is the output description. make/model/serial can also be fetched separately via the wlr-output-management protocol.

xrandr doesn't have a way to select a monitor by make/model/serial, so not sure I really want to add that for a simple tool like wlr-randr. If you want to configure your outputs, kanshi might be a better choice.

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