federated project management

Another crazy idea: federated project mgmt. Like 1password with personal and team vaults.

Basically people can send you task like they send an email. Then you have a service that aggregates and organizes everything for a project. And you can move the tasks around all you want but ultimately the receiver manages their own tasks.

You can’t edit email which would be critical I feel like. I was thinking activitypub.

One core problem with project mgmt for small software teams is they don’t always have a dedicated owner to manage backlogs. So the backlog just keeps growing because there’s no owner: tragedy of the commons.

But if we emphasize ownership by sending tasks to users instead of assigning them owner, I think it could be a forcing function to keep things clean.

I also think there’s an opportunity to blend individual task mgmt (todo apps) with project management (task management for a group). I know some todo apps try to capitalize on this with their team features but idk it always seems meh.

Project mgmt doesn’t care about task mgmt for the individual so they focus too heavily on the team.

What if you had a service that integrated both. Even when you’re not on a team you still want to use it for yourself.

That last sentence would be product market fit for sure in the todo / project mgmt space.

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