#280 panic: runtime error: index out of range in fetch.go 6 months ago

Comment by ~esparta on ~sircmpwn/aerc2

I was able to consistently reproduce this bug pressing J in the right time I got this error:

    panic: runtime error: index out of range [19] with length 19
    goutine 117 [running]: 
     created by git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/aerc/worker/imap.(*IMAPWorker).handleFetchMessages

If I change the folder from "Invoices" which has 19 messages, to "Invoices/Amazon" which has 44 messages, then aerc panic with the above message letting the terminal unusable.

The movement (using J) needs to be done before finishing rendering the messages in the Folder A, and then move to a non-empty Folder B.

Using aerc 0.3.0