Support export seeding to Fencing Time

#What is this about?

Seedings should be directly usable in Fencing Time (and other fencing tournament software) to make running an event using our software as easy as possible.

Dan Berke from Fencing Time gave the following specification for our CSVs:

The single-event seeding CSV file only needs a few columns:

  • MemberNum (fencer's member number in the authority of tournament)
  • Rank (numeric seed value)
  • Name (fencer name in the format "Last, First")

#How to fix it?

Change the headers of the columns and reverse the name.

#When should this be fixed?

This week.

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3 years ago
1 year, 4 months ago
priority:med type:enhancement

~ethanmad REPORTED IMPLEMENTED 3 years ago

This is implemented by commit 75124833. Name is still in the "First Last" format but I think it should be fine. We can flip the name if necessary for esthetics.

~ethanmad IMPLEMENTED REPORTED 3 years ago

We currently support Fencing Time, but it's not quite as easy as possible. If we use the format described above exactly, then Fencing Time can import the CSVs without any additional configuration. Reopening until that is solved.

~ethanmad 2 years ago

I fixed the format (at least for individual events) in 5a5b1fb. I also wrote documentation for users on our man page.

We still need to verify things are as streamlined as possible for squad seeding. Once that is done, we can close this issue.

~ethanmad REPORTED IMPLEMENTED 1 year, 4 months ago

Seems things worked well in the past season, so I will close this ticket.

~ethanmad referenced this from #15 1 year, 4 months ago

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