Use GORM v2

#What is this about?

GORM is the library we use to interact with our database using ORM features. It is currently in public testing for v2, with a new repository: go-gorm/gorm.

v2 offers new association features, better performance, and a handful of other changes. See release notes for more details. Some other features like batch insert can be useful for inserting all nine matches when creating a match in one operation.

v2 status is tracked at go-gorm/gorm #2886.

#How to fix it?

Follow upgrading instructions. Then use some of the new features to improve the app.

#When should this be fixed?

Before deploying things for users, since backwards-compatibility is unclear, especially with naming changes.

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~ethanmad 2 years ago*

GORM v2 was released some time ago. Release notes and upgrade path indicate some advantages and some breaking changes. We should try to take advantage of the new features as we make this upgrade.

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