Add support for ticket creation

The ticket procedure currently supports retrieving tickets, but not adding or modifying them. It should be extended to work with the update and create operations.

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8 months ago
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~alextee 9 months ago

I need this as well! let me see if I can hack it together - not an expert on scheme though

~evhan 8 months ago

Hey ~alextee, did you happen to get a start on this? I'll probably take a swing at it here over the holidays, but let me know if you're already working on it.

~alextee 8 months ago

hey I gave it a try but I couldn't figure out how to run it on guix so I gave up sorry. I usually use guile for scheme, never used chicken scheme before

~evhan 8 months ago

No worries, I've added this to the latest version.

I don't know much about Guix but I'd be happy to help get it running there, or try to package it if that would be useful.

~evhan REPORTED IMPLEMENTED 8 months ago

~evhan 8 months ago

Sidenote, these last few ticket updates were triggered via the CLI like so:

$ sourcehut update ticket chicken-sourcehut 1 --comment=-
$ sourcehut update ticket chicken-sourcehut 1 --status=resolved --resolution=implemented

~alextee 8 months ago

thanks! i can install it from chicken scheme i think

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