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#3 Read image from stdin, not just file paths 10 months ago

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@~exec64 can we document in the manpage that if you pass - as filepath it reads from stdin? That was not clear at all

#38 autoresize function missing 10 months ago

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Looks like I temporarily removed it as this kind of functionality wasn't (and may still not be) possible in wayland, and then forgot about it completely. I'm fine with the feature but it'd need to be rewritten from scratch most likely, and that's if there's a wayland protocol to allow this.

#18 imv-wayland error 10 months ago

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#34 title 10 months ago

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#42 [FR] Set window title with command line switch 10 months ago

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Fixed by v4.4.0


#20 wl_surface@10: error 2: Buffer size (717x795) is not divisible by scale (2) 10 months ago

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Simon Ser referenced this ticket in commit 1817ef3.


#43 Abandoned? 10 months ago

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is this project abandoned? I see last commit is dated more than a year ago

Hello, imv isn't abandoned but it's not maintained actively either, or at least not as actively as it should be. I've been meaning to post on the mailing list asking for anyone interested in taking up maintainership to get in touch, but procrastinating is easy and admitting I'm not paying enough attention is hard.

I don't have much focus or time devoted to open source development in my life currently so it'd be great if someone's interested in taking up the mantle to review and merge changes, or develop imv further themselves.

If such a volunteer is known for maintaining other open source software, or can be vouched for by someone who is, I'm happy to provide write access to the repo. If someone without a portfolio or references wants to volunteer, that's fine too, but to begin with they'd just maintaining a branch and periodically poking me to cut a release from it. I'd just be checking for malicious changes to protect against someone nefarious volunteering.

If anyone reading this is interested in doing that, please get in touch. Otherwise the only maintainance I'm really going to be doing is fixing serious breakages.


#3 Read image from stdin, not just file paths 1 year, 10 months ago

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Ah, odd. Sounds more like some kind of race condition then. Perhaps if imv loads the image faster the curl provides it, imv handles waiting on stdin poorly?

Thanks for the update though. I'll close this for now since it's not reproducible.


#4 'center' not working with -c 1 year, 10 months ago

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I don't think there's a straightforward way to run the command after the image has loaded, since image loading is somewhat asynchronous in imv. An option to keep the image centered as the window is resized would be a welcome addition to imv though.

#3 Read image from stdin, not just file paths 1 year, 10 months ago

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That's really strange indeed. Can you capture the output of using strace when doing this in your home directory and in a subdirectory? I can't think of what would differ between those two cases.