is this project abandoned? I see last commit is dated more than a year ago

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~txtsd 1 year, 6 months ago

Might be a good idea to move it to shudder github, for more discoverability and contributions.

~exec64 1 year, 6 months ago

is this project abandoned? I see last commit is dated more than a year ago

Hello, imv isn't abandoned but it's not maintained actively either, or at least not as actively as it should be. I've been meaning to post on the mailing list asking for anyone interested in taking up maintainership to get in touch, but procrastinating is easy and admitting I'm not paying enough attention is hard.

I don't have much focus or time devoted to open source development in my life currently so it'd be great if someone's interested in taking up the mantle to review and merge changes, or develop imv further themselves.

If such a volunteer is known for maintaining other open source software, or can be vouched for by someone who is, I'm happy to provide write access to the repo. If someone without a portfolio or references wants to volunteer, that's fine too, but to begin with they'd just maintaining a branch and periodically poking me to cut a release from it. I'd just be checking for malicious changes to protect against someone nefarious volunteering.

If anyone reading this is interested in doing that, please get in touch. Otherwise the only maintainance I'm really going to be doing is fixing serious breakages.


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