Timezone support

Right now Confy does not support timezones: if a timezone is defined in pentabarf or ics, it's dropped and date are considered in current system timezone.

To be correct, the timezone should be considered, and the user should have the option to change the timezone used to show all date/times. (eg, the event is New York timezone, but I'm following it online from Milan, I could have an option to show dates and times in "event timezone", "my current time zone" or "a specific timezone")

  • [x] store datetime as UTC in db
  • [x] handle all datetime in UTC tz
  • [x] add a "timezone" setting
  • [ ] add UI to change preferred timezone
  • [x] show datetime in setting timezone
  • [ ] correct date for timezone
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3 years ago
8 months ago

~fabrixxm 2 years ago

In commit 00b88b02

  • convert datetime from remotes in UTC:
    • datetime are stored in UTC without any tzinfo: sqlite3 driver doesn't like TIMESTAMP columns with tzinfo
    • petabarf times are always considered in current local timezone: looks like pentabarf doesn't declare timezone
  • handle all datetime internally as UTC, display times in user preferred timezone
    • currently user preferred timezone is fixed to tzlocal(). There is no UI yet to set it.

I'm not sure about dates (eg. conference start-end), because if confecence starts at 08:00+10 and my timezone is -2, starting date is different. Also talks date should change.

~fabrixxm 8 months ago

A quick update on timezone in pentabarf:


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