#88 "notmuch + maildir" instead of "notmuch vs maildir" 3 days ago

Comment by ~ferdinandyb on ~rjarry/aerc

What I would expect to be able to do with this:

  • do a maildir move AND update notmuch tags
  • search via notmuch (fancy would be if this could be restricted to this particular maildir account, since you might have multiple of those with one notmuch instance over them)

what might be complicated: show maildir folders AND notmuch virtual folders

I currently do the double dance with two accounts, but I'd actually keep the notmuch account around for a unified inbox view (for multiple emails), so the sweet thing would be if the notmuch account could also do maildir moves :)

#88 "notmuch + maildir" instead of "notmuch vs maildir" 3 days ago

Comment by ~ferdinandyb on ~rjarry/aerc

I second this!

#5 notmuch: reto's fork and segmentation faults 5 days ago

Comment by ~ferdinandyb on ~rjarry/aerc

Not explicitly related, but since the discussion also includes which library to even use I thought it fits here.

What I'm experiencing is that we're using deprecated calls:

❯ GOFLAGS=-tags=notmuch make
go build -trimpath -tags=notmuch -ldflags "-X main.Version=0.12.0-35-gddca71bcfd41 -X main.Flags=LS0gLXRhZ3M9bm90bXVjaAo= -X git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/config.shareDir=/usr/local/share/aerc" -o aerc
# github.com/zenhack/go.notmuch
cgo-gcc-prolog: In function ‘_cgo_c02956f23830_Cfunc_notmuch_database_open’:
cgo-gcc-prolog:347:2: warning: ‘notmuch_database_open’ is deprecated: function deprecated as of libnotmuch 5.4 [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
In file included from ../../../go/pkg/mod/github.com/brunnre8/go.notmuch@v0.0.0-20201126061756-caa2daf7093c/db.go:9:
/usr/local/include/notmuch.h:336:1: note: declared here
  336 | notmuch_database_open (const char *path,
      | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

although it seems if I switch to zenhack it also has this issue. Currently, it's just irritating, but sooner or later it's going to be more than that. Is this zenhack the official go binding?

#86 Add ability to preview attachments before sending email. 10 days ago

Ticket created by ~ferdinandyb on ~rjarry/aerc

In the review before sending screen, it would be nice to preview the attachments to make sure they are the right ones. Maybe the same mechanism used for viewing received attachments could be utilized here.

#85 When viewing emails with many email in the To field, it is not possible to see all recipients. 10 days ago

Ticket created by ~ferdinandyb on ~rjarry/aerc

Toggling all headers can help, but then you see way too many things. Maybe add a toggle to change fields where it makes sense to a vertical list instead of horizontal?

#84 Delay sending by X seconds in order to be able to cancel it. 10 days ago

Ticket created by ~ferdinandyb on ~rjarry/aerc

Implementation would likely be deferring sending by a configurable amount of seconds, with a bindable command to cancel sending the last sent message.

#83 Attach glob "*" should not show hidden files. 10 days ago

Ticket created by ~ferdinandyb on ~rjarry/aerc

Currently, if you go :attach * every file, including hidden files are shown.

#82 Show number of new mail in account tab name 10 days ago

Ticket created by ~ferdinandyb on ~rjarry/aerc

Show the number of new email in a given account, possible have an option to set whether to show this individually for each account.

Thread on the old mailing list: https://lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/aerc/%3CCCH0FNV7UTUP.NAIL3NBVUY5V%40clrinfopc42%3E#%3CCCH0FNV7UTUP.NAIL3NBVUY5V@clrinfopc42%3E

#73 notmuch copy-to not working a month ago

Ticket created by ~ferdinandyb on ~rjarry/aerc

I tried setting up a notmuch account with copy-to in multiple ways:

  • passing a single word (thinking it might tag it)
  • passing a relative path from source
  • passing an absolute path
  • passing as if it were a maildir source

None of them worked, but aerc printed that it is copying and then would not let me exist with -f saying "A task is not done yet".

#72 switch account during message composing a month ago

Ticket created by ~ferdinandyb on ~rjarry/aerc

I'm trying to use aerc with notmuch which makes it rather natural to look at email from all accounts in a unified view, but of course I would like to answer from the "proper" account, so it would be nice to be able to switch the sender account during composing. This would also be useful for composing messages. (Even better would be automatically using the account the email was sent to when replying, like gmail with multiple accounts).