#88 Match on both output name AND output description 1 year, 2 months ago

Ticket created by ~fritzrehde on ~emersion/kanshi

Currently, one can only match a certain output based on either an output's name or description, but not both. I think allowing to match on both a name and a description would be more powerful. My personal use-case is: I have a laptop docking station (DP-4) and my regular HDMI port on the laptop (HDMI-A-1), and I want to change the layout (position) depending on whether I'm docked or not (I would also like to turn off the display when docked).

#63 kanshi exits when undocking laptop from two external monitors 1 year, 2 months ago

Comment by ~fritzrehde on ~emersion/kanshi

Did this ever get fixed/resolved?

#46 Doesn't restore laptop display when switching TTYs+undocking 1 year, 2 months ago

Comment by ~fritzrehde on ~emersion/kanshi

I have this same issue as well, and wanted to ask whether this has been fixed, as this issue is quite old. My config file is:

profile Laptop {
  output eDP-1 mode 1920x1080@60Hz scale 1.2 position 0,0

profile HomeDocked {
  output "Dell Inc. DELL P2419H GQDLH73" mode 1920x1080 position 0,0
  output eDP-1 disable

When I dock the laptop, everything works fine, the laptop's display is turned off and only the monitor is used. However, when I undock the laptop (i.e. disconnect the displayport cable), the laptop screen stays black. I find this especially weird because the kanshi logs (the stdout when running it from the command line) shows that the Laptop config was applied, which should have turned the screen back on. Any ideas (if this is a bug, how do others find a different way that works until the bug is fixed)?