#116 Columns in error messages a month ago

Comment by ~fsouza on ~technomancy/fennel

Oh, sorry I've been quiet because I'm on a long break. I haven't started on anything yet, please go ahead and thanks for checking! :D

#116 Columns in error messages 2 months ago

Comment by ~fsouza on ~technomancy/fennel

Oh nice, I can give it a shot if you haven't already started. I imagine it'd be similar to the logic for ^^^^^^?

#116 Columns in error messages 3 months ago

Ticket created by ~fsouza on ~technomancy/fennel

Thank you very much for your work on Fennel. I was wondering if yall would take a patch adding support for printing the column number in the errors (assuming it's possible, of course).

The use case is for editor integration.