#Gerry Agbobada

I'm a backend software engineer.

I mostly like Rust and Schemes, but I have good experience in C++ and Python as well, trying to embed the languages I like working with inside the ones I like hacking with.

Sometimes, I blog. It is quite rare though.

Most of my contributions to Emacs ecosystem are still on github though, like Doom or packages like consult-lsp and a converter from org to tree-sitter test.

I think my most fun projects are:

  • Xile: draft of a front-end for Xi editor, written in Guile Scheme
  • R7.rs: a Rust hosted R7RS scheme (WIP, and interpreter only for now)

I am also getting my feet wet with front-development with my fork of Rustpad which adds integration with Piston for shared remote code execution.



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#365 [Builds submitter] No builds triggered by push if slash (/) in the branch name 1 year, 8 months ago

Ticket created by ~gagbo on ~sircmpwn/git.sr.ht


#Issue summary

I tried to push builds using the git.sr.ht integration and nothing happened (i.e. no build appearing in builds.sr.ht/~gagbo/rustpad) when I pushed commits. ~sircmpwn suspected that the / I was having in my branch name was the issue, and indeed renaming the branch to not having / fixed the issue.


  • Create a repo with a minimal .build.yml
  • Push a branch to git.sr.ht with a / in the name like git push srht test/slash_in_name
  • Check the associated builds.sr.ht page

Expected: A build is queued/starting Actual: No build on the page

#Possible leads

Is it possible that the raw formatting of the URL done in the submitter makes the builds service answer with a 404 ? I don't know if trying to URL-encode the / in the name would make the issue disappear.