switching model at runtime/separate models

Perhaps commandmodel and transcribemodel actions. commandmodel would maybe wipe the current phrases because they might not all be known by the new model.

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~midgard 4 months ago*

Allowing a different model for transcription would be useful for people who often produce text in different languages. (E.g., me. :D ) I would envision it as passing it as a parameter to @transcribe, so in addition to scribe users can just create something else like lit for a second language.

Switching the command model at runtime seems difficult, do you see a use case for that?

~geb 4 months ago

Yeah, I've since decided against command model switching, there's little to justify it. There's WIP transcription model switching on the "switching" branch.

On the branch there's a new --models argument (but might revert to an environment variable) and a tmodel action to switch transcription model. I thought about a @transcribe parameter also, but I think a tmodel action and a special <transcription> phrase that runs before transcription (no implemented yet) would give the most flexibility with the least funkiness. That way you could switch model and keep using the same "scribe" phrases (in addition to being able to have a dedicated "french scribe" phrase), and <transcription> would also be useful in it's own right for playing a sound or displaying a notification or whatever on transcription.

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