Hello, I was looking for a CLI or TUI rss reader that had sixel or similar support, I use sr.ht so I found yours very fast, and so far I love it.. but it does not have an auto-refresh/auto-update every X minutes so I have to constanly close it and re-open to see if there is new news articles from my favorite news rss feeds, example publico.es will heavy update almost every 5m with latest news... can we add this feature even if is not by default?

Another minor one is that I can't gray out or remove articles I already read or not interested, but this is not as important just something cool to have :)

Keep it up, I love that is a GO tool, tired of scripting language system tools (python) :D

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~ghost08 1 year, 10 months ago


so I wanted to make photon as a "viewer". It's also in the README:

Because photon is a "viewer" (like an image viewer, video player,
...) it doesn't have a refresh feature, doesn't have a 'item read'
feature. photon just shows the contents of the feed(s).

Maybe just write a script that restarts it every 5-10 minutes, or convince me that it is a usefull feature :P

Hiding the items could be made with a plugin, or take a look at the readed.lua plugin: https://git.sr.ht/~ghost08/photon/tree/master/item/plugins/readed.lua It shows the readed items in a different color and stores it in a leveldb cache.

~rek2 1 year, 10 months ago

Hello, yes I understand and is one of the reasons I like it, to keep the Unix mentality, but a refresh and auto-refresh will not change the behaviour, my first language is not English, but here is a scenario. I have some RSS's that I read daily, this ones I do not mind if they do not refresh they rarely do, only once a day or so. But there are in most of my feeds that are breaking news on tech, world events, new 0 days, vulnerabilities etc and I try to avoid having a browser on, I actually started to hate all web tech, such is why I am a heavy RSS user, among gemini,gopher,usenet,fediverse(using tui tools like TUT for mastodon) etc

So a auto-refresh so I can put on my 3rd monitor the feeds as they get posted while I work, code, or watch a movie is very important for me, and still will not break the unix behaviour because is an option, also you can still pipe to other better tools like kvm, or curl and pipe to photon, etc. I wont break anything and it will add a nice feature for people that may use it later on that are in my same situation. I think most of the RSS users are people how find easier to have the articles come to you instead of having to open a browser or another silly electron app and go from one site to another etc. Cheers.

~ghost08 1 year, 10 months ago

Hi! Thanks, this was a good explanation, I'll add it.

But it will be:

  • just a flag, and/or env var
  • disabled by default
  • just a dummy refresh, I drop all the items and download new ones, and photon will then scroll to the top

Maybe tomorow or so, I'll write here with the progress :)

PS: have you tried the readed.lua plugin?

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~rek2 1 year, 10 months ago*

@ghost08 Thank you! sounds good to me, I wish I had the time to help you a bit. readed I have not tried but now that mention it I will do so now before I go to bed, 6:38 am here :) Cheers.

~ghost08 REPORTED FIXED 1 year, 10 months ago

Vladimír Magyar referenced this ticket in commit c7b3eca.

~ghost08 1 year, 10 months ago

So here it is. Try it out please. You can use --refresh=600 or just hit r. But it will not work when the feeds where loaded from stdin.

~rek2 1 year, 10 months ago

Hello, I been trying it for 1-2 weeks. works great! <3 thank you. I was trying to look into how to make the plugins. I am not sure if there is a function call to delete one of the boxes, this way I can modify the plugin to save and tag the news that we already read and also delete. Some news in some RSS are like from weeks behind :)

~ghost08 1 year, 10 months ago

Thank you! Everything is in the man pages man photon-lua. Maybe not so understandable, but I tried my best :)

You can call photon.visibleCards.del(index) to delete the card. If you have a working plugin, please share it in the mailing list: mailto:~ghost08/photon@lists.sr.ht

PS: Don't send questions to the TODO list, use the mailing list or IRC if i'm there :)

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