Add new markup language parsing

I have started work on a simple text markup syntax, and I want to use it for my blog.

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~gloatingfiddle 1 year, 8 months ago*

Types of text that I'd like to markup:

italics, bold, code, super-/sub-scripts, links, headings

I'd also like to have an in-line metadata format that is not rendered with the main document (that is different that the weird YAML-at-the-beginning-of-the-Markdown-file thing that's so popular in the static-site world.

Current design of the syntax:

*text* will render as bold.
!text! will render as italic.
^text^ will render as a superscript.
_text_ will render as a subscript.
[[link][url]] will render as a link.
# text will render as a heading, with the level determined by the count of #'s.
`text` will render as code/pre/et al. Blocks will also be supported with triple-ticks.
#+key: value(s) will add metadata to the document.

In addition, all of these tokens will terminate without rendering on line breaks, e.g.


will not render as:
They will all include any space/tab characters and not terminate.

Paragraphs must be separated by two newlines/carriage returns. Documents can only be UTF-8 encoded (for now - I don't know if UTF-16 will break things terribly, and at the moment I only need UTF-8).

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