MacOS 10.8 - midi connection in/out works but send temp. patch does not work

Hi there, thanks for this tool, could help a lot if i could make it work. I am on osx mountain lion, copied the mmj libraries in /library/java/extensions and all seems to work fine, my midi interface (through the firestudio mobile) is recognized, patches can be updated when i change them on my gaia; only i can not load presets from gaia-tool to the gaia; i do right-click on a patch ->copy to temp. patch then click sync, but the only message that is sent is "Sent: Data set 1. Address: 01 00 00 19 (System). Size: 1H." , nothing more. I wanted to try with mandolane but their website is down and i can not find a copy anywhere thanks

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11 years ago
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bitbucket:tomaever 11 years ago · edit

So it comes from my midi interface, when using the usb built-in midi interface of the gaia, it works perfectly. Thanks for this great tool!

bitbucket:Laurens Holst 11 years ago · edit

Hi tomaever,

Good to hear you managed to get it working, although it’s strange that it doesn’t work with your regular interface. It should... Especially as you can see the patch data and see it change, that indicates that the data exchange is working OK.

That message you see is just from pressing the sync button by the way. There should be no reason to disable it, just always keep it enabled. (In fact, in the next release I will remove it.)

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