Graphical user interface

Currently VGMPlay looks rather plain. It would be nice if it had a graphical UI, with nice imagery and proportional fonts, etc. It would also more intuitively host playback controls like fast-forwarding (#11), playlist previous / next (#4), chip enables (#5), dark mode toggle, etc.

Additionally VGMPlay currently relies on DOS console I/O which is slow and can’t be done during playback without affecting the timing. A UI using direct VDP access would be quite a bit faster and could update in the idle time during playback, allowing us to show song progress bars, etc.

Since MSX1 support is mandatory it would need to be in screen 2, but on MSX2 it could use screen 4 for some nicer colours and extra screen space. The extra pixels at the bottom could be used for something fun.

Some mockup:


bitbucket:Laurens Holst
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5 years ago
4 years ago
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bitbucket:Laurens Holst 5 years ago · edit

Later add playlist, chip options, etc.

Also a “dark mode” which only uses low intensity (green) colours, to reduce the VDP interference as much as possible while still being somewhat usable.

bitbucket:Laurens Holst 5 years ago · edit

Also visualisations like equalizers or a note keyboard.

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