VGM fade-out, volume and balance control

Currently VGMPlay MSX cuts off the music hard at the end of a looping song, while VGMPlay PC fades out nicely. Additionally there is no volume and balance control, relying on the user having an external mixer, while some VGMs contain gain and balance information. This is particularly important for OPN sound chips.

It would be nice VGMPlay was able to modify the sound chip volume on-the-fly to support these features.

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bitbucket:Laurens Holst 5 years ago ยท edit

Biggest hurdle is that custom volume control code would need to be written for all sound chips, and the drivers would need to keep track of the original volume values. For FM chips it would also need to look at the algorithm to determine which operators are the carriers. Additional measures may be needed to fully mute the output (if needed), since FM chips attenuate to a very low volume and not silence.

For the sake of performance this may need to be optional.


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