2x YM2203 emulation on YM2608 + PSG

There’s a bunch of packs for two YM2203 OPNs, which could in principle be emulated pretty well on an YM2608 + the internal PSG. The only loss of functionality would be that the 2nd YM2203 would not support the 3-ch mode.

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bitbucket:Laurens Holst 5 years ago · edit

There are two hindrances in play here:

  1. The YM2608 and internal PSG use a different base clock frequency (4 MHz vs. 3.58 MHz respectively when adjusted to the YM2203 divider). This means one of them needs to be frequency translated to match the other. See #37.
  2. We would need to come up with a good way for the 2xYM2203-on-YM2608-PSG emulation driver to expose two driver instances to the underlying system.
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