M3U playlist support

With the original vgmplay you can create M3U playlist files to play multiple VGM/VGZ files after another.

Let's say you have files 01.VGZ, 02.VGZ ... 04.VGZ. If you create a PLAYLIST.M3U file containing each filename on a line (or ls *.VGZ > PLAYLIST.M3U on UNIX/LINUX/Max OS) and run vgmplay PLAYLIST.M3U the files would play one after another. On the regular vgmplay you can use 'n' to play the next track and 'b' to play the previous.

It would be nice to have this in vgmplay-msx at some point.

bitbucket:Peter Hanraets
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2 years ago
11 months ago
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bitbucket:Laurens Holst 2 years ago · edit

Since m3u files contain long filenames with spaces and such in them, it would need to implement a VFAT long filename to short 8.3 translation scheme, and/or do some kind of fuzzy matching.

Additionally it requires VGMPlay to be able to clean-up and rebuild its structures to, this part of the work is shared with #7, and I’ve recently made some progress on this.

bitbucket:Peter Hanraets 2 years ago · edit

I actually use attached script to rename and gunzip vgmrip packs to 8.3 format. It also removes any unneeded files and creates a 00.BAT and 00.M3U file.

The resulting dirs I have added to bitbucket as well (if anyone else is interested): https://bitbucket.org/peterhanraets/music-arcade https://bitbucket.org/peterhanraets/music-famicom https://bitbucket.org/peterhanraets/music-gb https://bitbucket.org/peterhanraets/music-msx https://bitbucket.org/peterhanraets/music-pc8801 https://bitbucket.org/peterhanraets/music-pc9801 https://bitbucket.org/peterhanraets/music-pcengine https://bitbucket.org/peterhanraets/music-sms https://bitbucket.org/peterhanraets/music-x1turbo https://bitbucket.org/peterhanraets/music-x68000

Some of them are more WIP than others, and of course not all can be played with vgmplay-msx...

bitbucket:Laurens Holst 2 years ago · edit

Ah, nice. I guess you’re right that for a first version I would not need to worry about long filenames. It’d be more of a nice extra to support m3u files from VGMRips out of the box.

Setting priority to the default level (not using the field atm).


bitbucket:Laurens Holst 2 years ago · edit

Regarding the long file names, today Victor released a utility to list long file names on Nextor. Perhaps some parts of the code could be borrowed (though it would be nicer if this was built into Nextor).

bitbucket:Peter Hanraets 2 years ago · edit

I think effort should not be put into LFN support for individual tools. It should be part of the operating system. I personally would like LFN support to be added to Nextor but can live with 8.3 support in vgmplay-MSX until that happens.

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