Play back OPM on 2x SFG in unison

Play a track on two SFGs in unison, with the second slightly detuned, for a fatter sound.

Some dependency on frequency translation (#37).

bitbucket:Laurens Holst
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5 years ago
4 years ago
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bitbucket:Laurens Holst 5 years ago · edit

Could be a command line option to specify an offset for the frequency translation.

bitbucket:Laurens Holst 5 years ago · edit

I just pushed dual SFG VGM support (c0becbb), and I attached a patch which plays back on two SFGs in unison which applies on top of that.

I’ve also attached four test builds which apply different amounts of detune to the second SFG:

  • vgmplay0.com: no detune
  • vgmplay1.com: +1.6 cent detune
  • vgmplay2.com: +3.1 cent detune
  • vgmplay4.com: +6.2 cent detune

So you can try it out, not submitting though, because it breaks dual SFG VGM support.

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